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IOM launches trust fund in Yei

By Hassan Arun Cosmas.

International Organization for Migration (IOM) had launched a Trust Fund Project in Yei River to support peace building and improve people’s livelihood in the county on Thursday.

IOM Coordinator Benjamin Moore, said that the project had engaged the stakeholders on the ground to listen to the priorities and policies for cooperation in order to find ways of working transparently.

“We engage with the stakeholders in the ground and listen to what the priorities and policies are and find good ways of working together in a transparent and collaborative way,”Moore explained.

He urged the people of Yei to collaborate together with the organization for the success of the project.

Moore stressed that the objective of the project was to set up a feedback mechanism to ensure that the project was implemented in a specific geographical area.

He added that another objective was to require a feedback to the project to find out whether the work was well done or needed adjustments and to make sure other processes were coordinated.

“We want to specifically set up a mechanism called area reference group. The area reference group is a mechanism for a feedback mechanism that the trust fund has developed and they looked at it in a way that the project will be implemented in one geographical location and for that reason, they also say there are partner’s resources and projects coming up to one area in a relatively concentrated way,” added Benjamin.

IOM co-ordinator Benjamin Moore, said the main pillars of the Trust Fund were reconciliation, stabilization and resilience.

He added that the reconciliation pillar would include building trust and enhance community relationship between the military and civilian components.

“The main pillars of the trust fund are reconciliation, stabilization and resilience. We have a number of outcomes which one of them relates to building trust and enhancing community relations between military and civilian components which includes elements of community policing and enhancing relationship between police and civilian population,” noted Moore.

Moore added that in the pillar of resilience, they would focus on livelihood and access to resources.

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