Involvewomenin social decision making

By Correspondent

Active Citizen South Sudan, youth advocacy organization is calling on the communities to prioritize economics and social contribution of youth and women in decision making.

According to the group, the exposure would boost social welfare, thus development among the communities.

“We came up with this campaign because we want women and youth to be involved in social decision making. Most of our women and youth are not considered in social decision making and their voices are left out in the society,” said Angelina Stephen Ban, Project Officer at Active Citizen South Sudan.

“Something has to be done about women and youth so they are actually involved in all social activities. This campaign is to create awareness for women and youth to know their social rights,” she added.

Article 14 of the Transitional Constitution of South Sudan 2011 as amended stipulates that all persons are equal before the law and are entitled to the equal protection of the law without discrimination as to race, ethnic origin, color, sex, language, religious creed, political opinion, birth, locality or social status.

Ms. Ban revealed they were cautioning communities to know that women and youth rights were being neglected, something contrary to the law which should have been implemented in the society.

The social campaign linked to gender representation in the societal perspective is advocating for women’s involvement in social decision making.

“We saw that there was a need for women and youth’s voices to be heard and reflected in societal decisions,” said Ms. Ban.

Peter Madut, a resident of Luri County said it was high time for women to be bold enough in demanding for their constitutional rights.

“They have a self- confidence and everything needed to express their feelings to get what they want,” he said during the campaign.

The campaign was funded by the Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) across Juba Luri County’s areas.

At least about 3,600 youth and women were engaged during the campaign rollout.

Michael Biphal, the Executive Director at Active Citizen South Sudan said the message should reach everyone in order to achieve social welfare in the socieities.

“We are just not only targeting women and youth inLuri County in Juba but all over the country. We are planning other strategies of reaching to women and youth across the country through Radios, Newspapers, through the TVs talk shows,” he narrated.

Mr. Biphal encouraged the local communities to consider women and youth in social decision making across the country.

“We want everyone to know that women and youth have a greater role in every decision-making process. Their participation is important and we need them to step up, not just to give up as a woman and youngster, especially where men are involved,” he advised.

“Each and every woman and youth is required to have a say in social participation on everything that’s affecting them,” he concluded.

According to the Director, women and youth are supposed to voice their opinions on the issues facing them, urging everyone to support women and youth while trying to raise their voices.

Previously in the areas of Luri County, women and youth were not involved in leadership structure but after gender equality campaign kicked off about two months ago; there are now women as chiefs and youth representatives in the areas.  They participate in the process of the decision making and ownership, 

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