Involve parties in states’ negotiation, says opposition

By: Elia Joseph Loful

South Sudan Generation Party (SSGP) has called upon the government to include all parties in resolving States issue and boundaries before the formation of the new government next month.

In an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor, the Secretary General of the party Barnaba Gurwel Akol said, they joined the national dialogue to raise the social fabric, healing and reconciliation with full contribution to solve the states’ issue and boundaries through committees and cooperative solutions of all parties.

Gurwel stated that the party was committed to the implementation of agreement under the leadership of National Pre Transitional Committee (NPTC).

He reiterated that inclusive dialogue of all the parties would be a possible solution to settle the issue of states and their boundaries.

“I want to tell the public that this coming peace should be safeguarded and we should consider dialogue for all, not only some parties. If there is no dialogue then, we may not move forward,” Gurwel said.

He called on the government to bring on board other political parties in order to dialogue and come to immediate solution.

“The language of dialogue is what can make people to move forward, in 2013 when there was no dialogue that is why we are at this position; let us bring all the other parties FDS, SSOA and OPP. All these five parties should dialogue, and Thomas Cirilo, Paul Malong Awan and Pagan Amum should be included,” he explained.

The Secretary General said they would support what the public as well as the parties would decide adding that States issue should not pull people apart.

“We will stand and support what the public say. If they say 32 or 24, we will support or if 10 we will support what the public decide upon, we don’t want something small like number of States to take us backward,” he stressed.

He appealed to all the people in the country to support peace and not focus on topics that create war and division.

“My message to the public and especially youth in South Sudan to support peace and not to support ideas which bring division.  I want to encourage youth not to think of any war again,” he said.

Responding on the decision tabled by South African Deputy President David Mabuza on the number of States and boundaries, Gurwel said the States matter should not be taken to court but rather be resolved amicably by parties to the agreement.

“We want the President and Dr. Riek Machar to call for another meeting to include all parties to come together again to discuss and reach a compromise,” he said.

He finally pointed out that ruling States problem through the court was not a good decision arguing that it was divisive act.

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