Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

The mood of joy for Juba Monitor to have been declared the best newspaper of the year was still within me and the entire institution. It was celebrations and happiness which would not go away very soon. Talks in the corridors, streets and even overseas were all congratulations. It reminded me that with the kind of calls and congratulatory messages coming in, it was only right to do the right thing at all time. One might think that whatever he or she is doing is only privy to him/her. That kind of thought is a cheat in life. Do the right thing and do it right. And this is our promise to our future activities. During the award giving ceremony, one gentleman, Dr. Abraham Maliet Mamer of the Investment Authority was so touched with the turn out that he revealed how he had written to the Jubek State government to allocate a land between the old and new bridge for investment. His words were so touching that if only he should be given a chance to carry out his inner mission then there could be a big turn-about in the socio-economic growth in the country within a short period of time. He is sure the authority under the government had the ability to lure and bring in more investors if only they were given a chance to do so. His dream to be translated into plan of action was to make the area a hub of business acumen. He reasoned that land was part of the investment problem and what was in his mind and plan was to have all-go entities in one place where parents can take their children to play while they are busy shopping or doing other important businesses. The idea of having one stop shop including sports facilities and all basics is something to be pondered about. It is something which cannot be taken for granted or something which should be kept in the archives. This is one idea which has been tried and found to be working properly if well managed. It is an idea worth trying for the good of the country. The state government, the authority up to national level should try this for investment purposes. Although a number of foreign investors are on the radar for not doing what they are supposed to do, the legal framework that advices the investors are also in the wanting lists because they do not tell their clients the truth on seeking registrations. There must be truth and honesty in handling some key national issues including registration of companies in the country. For one, investors should be told in advance all stages to follow to be legally operating in the country. They should not be left in the dark while they are paying money for such services. Such acts discourage investors and make them feel cheated.   

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