Italian investors have shown interests in setting up modern slaughter house in the country which would boost and generate revenue through the production and sales of domestic animal products both locally and in the international market. With the high cattle population locally, this investment can be relied on for export if properly managed. This is also an indication that there are more investors who are eying the country and who are looking for appropriate time to come in. Indeed what the authorities need to do is to stop so many bureaucracies and have one identified stop shop where all documentations could be done with limited time frame. Above all security must be seen to be in place to protect the investors and their investments. In the past there have been so many movements in acquiring or obtaining investment documents which, sometime ending up discouraging those who want to invest. There have been cases of some authorities demanding kickbacks before approving documents placed on their tables.  Time has come that such investments must be given proper attention because the success is definitely going to open the way for employment of the youth and revenue generation to the country. The country needs industries and factories that would reduce seeking employments in the government set-ups. Importantly, there must be proper coordination and management to encourage more investments both locally and international players. The government should set up a functional unit that would deal only with the management of pure investment without being overloaded with other responsibilities. With investments the country will make much more movement towards development activities with enough earned and able to reach the common-man. Peace is already being felt and both States and national government functioning. Each department charged with different responsibilities must be seen to be in play, not to look for excuses that are detrimental to the growth of the country.

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