When the government called on the business communities to invest in the country, that call must be supported with goodwill. It cannot be taken for granted and since the clusters came into place, the holders have shown a lot of commitments to their work. Dr. James Wani Igga who heads the economic cluster has been on record with good ideas and approaches to turning up the economy which includes calling on investors. This far is good but only if all assigned government officials can sing the same tune with Dr. Igga. There is need to have one stop shop where those intending to invest in the country could have their documents processed at one go instead of being taken from one point to the other. This process was started some time ago and would have been in full operation by now. Did it take off or was it just another moribund project which did not see the light of the day. There is the Investment Authority in collaboration with other government agencies which was working on the establishment of the expected one stop shop. It will be good to clear the air because nothing seems to have worked and if it did then not much is known about it. While the leadership and the presidency is trying to put in order some major components to boost the economy, some individuals in the know and who are charged with supervision are so prone to seeking the hide and seek games that they forget their responsibilities to the people and the country. There will be change in uplifting the economy if the change of heart is adopted with these same individuals who should be helping the country regain the lost economic glory. It cannot be shifted to coronavirus, although the latter equally played a role in the down-run of the economic growth at a time when it was really needed when peace had already been achieved.

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