Investment Authority ready to fix roads with City Council

By Mandela Nelson Denis

As the South Sudan’s investment Conference waits approval from the President in order to happen, the country’s Investment body is ready to work with Juba city council in order to fix the roads in the city.

Dr. Abraham while speaking to Juba Monitor exclusively said that the current mess on the status of the road in the city discourages investors and he is ready to work with the city council to fix it.

“I am sure Juba City Council has a plan on how the roads in the city can be fixed and as Investment Authority we are ready to work with them to find ways of improving our roads. I am calling upon Juba city council to sit with us and we find ways of working on the current status of the roads which are very bad,” said Abraham.

He said, “We need the drainage system and good roads, these two things are very important and they are investors who are ready.”

Abraham added that Juba City Council has to sit with his team and draw plan on how the small roads within the city can be fixed.

With the continuous rain pouring, majority of the roads in the suburbs of Juba are impassable.

The most affected roads include the Gudele road, Mia-Saba, Munuki, Tomping and other outskirts of the city.

There has been increase in the flow of traffic in Juba city witnessed by huge traffic Jams mostly in the evening hours and according to Abraham this has a result of the confident that the investors have in the country.

“There are over twenty to thirty cars brought into Juba city weekly and this is a sign of things getting better and the investors having more confident to carry out with their investments,” Abraham said.


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