A foot for thought


By Anna Nimiriano

Dear readers, I am very glad to re-publish the introduction of this column because some readers are still confused about the name of the column. According to them it is a mistake, the correct one should have been “FOOD FOR THOUGHT” which is not reflecting the views of the author of the column“A FOOT FOR THOUGHT.”My column means the stories I am writing are based on my movement, what I have seen or heard. This encourages me to write comments and opinions on peace, forgiveness and reconciliation. Not forgetting any step taken for the development of this country. I put forward ideas on developmental issues of the country in regards to peace building.

Not forgetting women issues, especially the 35 percent of women representation in the Revitalized peace agreement. Issues of early and forced marriages as well as violation of girls right in choosing a partner.

Matters of women rape and others which are hindering women progress in the country. Harmful cultures that are reducing women dignity and voices in the communities and the country at large.

If there is anything to be resolved in this column or with Juba Monitor newspaper, I prefer dialogue than criticism, I believe through dialogue we can reach amicable result, we would be able to reduce challenges facing us and move this country ahead.  Above all, I should put God ahead of everything, in any step I move as He is our guidance and protector in daily activities. Don’t be surprised if you see prayers put in this column. However, I was appointed the Editor in Chief of the Juba Monitor in July, 2017, when Alfred Taban resigned from the same position after his appointment as MP of Kajo-Keji County and nominated a member of National Dialogue by President Salva Kiir. Since that time to date, and when I launched this column, I faced a lot of challenges which made me not to start this column by that time. Thanks God that I have started, with the Grace of God I will continue to contribute for the welfare of this country. I started writing opinions and comments in 2000 in Khartoum when I was a student at the University of Juba.  In 2006, I was employed with Khartoum Monitor, the English Daily Newspaper in Khartoum. In July 2011, I came to Juba when South Sudanese were preparing for the Independence in July 9th. In December the same year we initiated Juba Monitor.  In July this year I am going to be two years as Editor in Chief of this newspaper and one of the founders.

During these periods of time, I faced a lot of challenges with the government authorities and my colleagues in other media houses, especially the print media. Others supported and advised me on how to overcome the challenges I have been facing as a female Editor in Chief in the country.  For those who were against me, some of them have apologized for what they did, I thanked them for asking for forgiveness from me and I have already forgiven them. I hope others will do the same and we should continue forgiving each other as we are in peace environment. That is a good sign of building relationship and beginning of reconciliation between me and them. I hope we will continue working together as media houses in the country in a good manner.

I didn’t care about what people said about me, but I continued to do my work. I am going to sell my ideas to the people of South Sudan and beyond as the circulation of the newspaper had already reached Uganda and partly we have started in Kenya.  Hopefully, soon we will publish and distribute in Khartoum.  Nevertheless, based on this brief introduction, I welcome you to this column.


May God bless us all.

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