Intra-communal violence kills dozen

Intra-communal in Western Lakes State violence has left dozens of people dead after cattle raid by armed youth in Cuei-adukan village.

In an interview with Juba Monitor, the Executive Chief, Majok Maper Manyiel confirmed the attack in Cuei-adukan.

Manyiel said the attackers killed around 5 people during the clashes and the number of people wounded is high.

He said all the cattle including milk cows and goats brought for children due to hunger in the area have been looted by the armed youths and men in uniforms suspected to be from the police.

Manyiel appealed to the humanitarian organizations in the country to quickly intervene by distributing food and seeds to the affected population.

He said looting has been carried out twice in the area by the Gony Youth and Dhiei sections of Athoi.

Manyiel denied any grievances between the two communities saying they just attacked us and looted our properties without clear reasons.

“I knew this because the Governor had earlier threatened us in Cuei-adukan that he would bring forces to demolish Cuei-adukan and his Gony sections and Dhiei are allegedly the ones who attacked cuei-adukan twice. I wish this time Matur could produce a person killed by my own people in Cuei-adukan since these clashes occurred,” he said.

“Those who killed their people in Amiding and in Naam-cok are not from Rup sincerely speaking. Gony and Dhiei sections who spearheaded the attack should explain clearly the reasons of attacking, killing and looting our cows, goats and properties under this horrible situation of hunger,” the Executive Chief said.

The Executive Chief of Gony section, Dhuol Mayom Dhuol confirmed the clashes between Panyon and Gony joined by Dhiei and Pacuar.

Dhuol said the situation is calm and normal at the moment and there are no further clashes. He denied any further mobilization of Durbar, Pacuar and Thuyic youth.

He confirmed that around 3 people have been killed during the fight in Cuei-adukan on the side of Gony, making the total number of people killed in the clashes including 2 people who were killed by unknown gunmen to 10 in difference locations.

The chiefs on both side said lack of government forces to intervene in the clashes in Cuei-adukan was the cause of massive looting of valuable food items, goats and milk cows meant for children in the area.

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