International Women‘s Day

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Today women all over the world are celebrating International Day. Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, some women are celebrating online and others send messages to congratulate women on the role they are doing in various places. What is the date means has different messages to different countries according to the situation of women? In developed countries, the day has a different meaning, in under developing countries is another meaning. How women can say is what reflects their situation, whether it is good or bad it depends on the policy of a country in meeting the demands of women.

In South Sudan, the condition is different and it would not be the same with other countries in war zones. Women struggled to fight for their rights in any way; they advocate for the rights of others and demanded for the 35 percent given to them by the government as country policy during the time of the Revitalized Peace Agreement.

Those who are in government positions and privates I congratulate them for the struggling. Let them continue to encourage women in the grassroots to do better. Women in media are also to work hard although there are challenges for women the struggle is to continue. There are no smooth lives, even food we are eating; you need to struggle to get it.

Therefore, many good messages were written about women to left them up and inspire others to do well in their careers. The bad situation is for women in Ukraine, who are suffering from the war in their country, many people died killed by the Russian government which reflects a bad image to the world. My condolences to them, I wish one day they will celebrate together with the rest of the women in the world. The situation is not easy but God is with them. Even as refugees in other countries, women are to remember this day. If you are in happiness or sorrow, it is your day; the situation will change one day. There is nothing forever as you believe in God. 

I am sure there are a lot of achievements women did in South Sudan with the entire situation they have. That is why many of them are in leadership and private sectors. It is also to honor those who are in leadership because they represent us and we are happy with them.

May God bless us all.

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