International Kick boxer urges rising stars to be strong

By Mandela Nelson Denis

South Sudanese international kick boxer based in Holland has urged the rising kick boxers in the country to be strong and persistent.

Lofogo Sarour who is currently in the country while speaking to Juba Monitor said that he has met several talented kickboxers for the last days he has been in the country and has been telling them to be strong amidst the crisis the country is facing.

“South Sudanese have the urge to fight and I have seen many talented kickboxers in Juba, the future is bright, they only need to be strong, keeping training and stay focused for the brighter day coming”, said Lofogo.

Lofogo said that he is very happy to see that kickboxing is starting to catch in the country and for one who has been in the game for the last ten years there is future.

“I started kickboxing when I was fifteen and went professional and I have seen the future in my motherland, as long as I am in the country I will always offer my free clinics to whoever loves kickboxing”, Lofogo said.

Lofogo is in the country till the end of this week and he said he will be sharing his talent with the rising kickboxers.

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