International Day for Refugees

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Refugees all over the world celebrated the International Day for Refugees in various countries under different themes. Each theme reflected the conditions of refugees in specific country. It was an obligation to celebrate this important Day and outline challenges facing them in their respective camps. In Uganda, they celebrated it under the lockdown with the theme: “Everybody comes”. It was the situation of any International celebrations with Coronavirus disease.

It has different shapes and conditions which were global due to Coronavirus in the world. People could not sit together and discuss issues pertaining their living. There was no any challenge to be discussed face to face, or any dance organized as it used to be in those years. People sometimes celebrated events online because of no traveling to any country.

At less there was something done which was better than nothing. Many Refugees were hoping to come back to their countries according to the interviews conducted by Juba Monitor in Uganda. The theme of the celebration of this year shows that they had the interest to come back despite the conditions they were in.

In South Sudan, there were plans of bringing them back to their places. Several of them were ready to come, but due to Coronavirus, everything was not possible. It is difficult to cross borders due to COVID -19.  Nobody was allowed to cross them, unless in critical situation like in the case of death, which could not be stopped. It was a day which refugees remembered their suffering and success in the camps.  

Many of them had studied in the level of University; that was one of the achievements they made. They have become successful people in the country. With the knowledge they obtained, it will help them get better jobs in the future. Of course it was not easy to study in the camps; it depends on the policy of the country where they are living. Some governments treat refugees well, they provide good services to them, so that they would not think on the conditions where they came from.

Others did not care; they provided limited services to them. Such kind of governments added more conditions to refugees, in any circumstance, they will think of coming back to their countries due to the treatment they were receiving and the challenges they were in.  This kind of living was observed right from the beginning of the migration based on the way they live and the challenges they faced in the camps because of lack of good facilities.

May God bless us all.

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