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Internally displaced plead for humanitarian aid in Yei

By Hassan Arun Cosmas.

The internally displaced persons who were displaced from Tokori Boma of Lasu Payam of Yei River County sheltering at the ECSS compound of the Episcopal Diocese of Yei called on humanitarian organizations to support them with food and non-food items.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, Archangelo Lokolong one of the IDPs said that the internally displaced persons had not received any assistance from humanitarian organizations or the government.

“We are appealing to the government and all organizations to quickly respond to the dire humanitarian situation of the vulnerable people. Currently my children have not got anything to eat which he fears might cause malnutrition due to lack of sufficient food nutrients in their body system.

He added that there is no assistance of whether food or non-food items since we left all our belongings in our residential area. There is no food for our children for the last seven days. We ask the humanitarian organizations to assist us with food and non-food items. Staying here is really difficult and heard”,  regreted  Archangelo.

He revealed that the internally displaced persons called on the education authority to consider the education of their children who were missing education services.

Lokolong appealed to the transitional revitalized government of national unity to look into the suffering of the civil population and work for peace in order for civilians to enjoy relative peace of mind and start developmental projects.

He called on the government to consider dialogue with the holdout groups to end the continued suffering of the citizens of south Sudan and Yei River County in particular.

“Secondly we have our children who were studying in Kirikwa primary school, but since we are displaced, they are not receiving education services. If there is any possibility, let the county education department open school for the IDPs because these children are the future of our country. I call on our government to look into our suffering and work for peace. All these years there is continued fighting and bloodshed. If the government really feels our suffering, let them bring peace to us so that we enjoy freedom like the other countries. Let the government consider dialogue with the holdout groups for peace to prevail in our region. If they agree, peace will come and we will have rest of mind and we shall develop our county,”  reminded the IDP.

Joseph Abugo, another IDP called on the leadership of the Central Equatoria state governor, Emmanuel Adil Anthony to intervene and rescue the suffering of the people of Yei.

He appealed to the health department to conduct awareness to the internally displaced persons to avoid contracting diseases due to overcrowding.

“Let our governor look into our suffering as people of Yei. We want some food assistance to rescue our children from dying. We also want IDPs schools to be opened for our children. We urge the county health department with its partners to reach with awareness on health since there are a lot of health concerns, especially with the threat of covid-19 our homes everyone is concerned of his or her health, but since we are now mixed together overcrowding, we feel that the health personnel do something,”appealed Joseph.

A population of one hundred and thirty households and six hundred ninety individuals were displaced in the recent days from Tokori Boma of Lasu Payam in Yei River County.

They joined the other internally displaced persons seeked shelter at the ECSS compound of the Episcopal Diocese of Yei.

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