Internally Displaced Persons urged to observe COVID-19 preventive measures

By Peter Gatkuoth

The camp management committee has called on Internally Displaced Persons living in United Nations camp in Juba to listen to COVID-19 preventives measures put in place by the government and United Nations Mission in South Sudan.

After confirming two cases of the coronavirus, the government has been urging the citizens not to panic but observe the preventative measures put in place.

Some of the measures put in place were the practice of social distance of at least two to three meters, and hand washing regularly.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, the chairperson for camp management committee Joseph Matiek Chuol said prevention was better than cure.

“Let us listen to all the preventives measures that have been put in place by the government to prevent the virus,” Chuol said.

He appealed to the government and UNMISS to put much efforts to the vulnerable congested population in the camps all over the country.

The prevention measures are clear always, wash your hands with soap regularly; observe social distancing, advice your family and community, he said.

“Even though we are in populated camp if we listen to preventive measures, we are going to be safe, let us not panic but listen to the guidelines. We need government to fund us in other activities like community watch groups to implement directives of government in the camps,” he emphasized.

Meanwhile the secretary for Camp management committee, Both Biel Deng said they were given nine microphones by the wash partners in the camp to reach every zone with messages of COVID-I9.

“We shall be going to each zone and give messages to the people in the community and the community watch group will be deployed as part of COVID-19 awareness”, Biel stressed.

However, the chairlady for camp management committee, Sarah Nyakhot Chuol said that they were going to face difficulties as a result of this virus lockdown.

“Some women are vulnerable and they don’t have ratio cards. Some used to go and collect firewood; others go to town to buy vegetable.”

 “As a mother, it is going to be difficult because some don’t have ratio cards and others survive by collecting firewood, vegetables in order to exchange them inside the camp,” Nyakhot explained.

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