Interior Ministry orders shutdown of Night Clubs in Juba

Minister of Interior Michael Chiangjiek Gaey (File Photo by Morris Dogga)

By Morris Dogga

The Minister of Interior Michael Chiangjiek Gaey has directed the Police to shutdown all the night clubs operating in Juba with immediate effect.

Chiangjiek said the night clubs were being used by the niggas who additionally have been propagating insecurity in the city.

The Minister told Journalists on Monday that the move was also part of the preparation for the looming celebrations of the signing of the peace agreement slated for the 30th October 2018.

“We are now ordering the Police to close down all the night clubs which are seen to be a source of insecurity,” Chiangjiek said.

“For the owners of the clubs, they should actually bear with us or seek for police permission because we don’t want our kids to die,” he said.

The Minister further revealed that the decision to shut the Night Clubs was also stimulated by the killing of two people in St. Kizito area on Sunday night when two juvenile groups commonly known as Niggas clashed among themselves.

He said that when the Police intervened, the niggas confronted the police who fought back in self defence subsequently leading to death of one person during the confrontation.

“Two people were killed; one was cut by a panga during the fight while the other one was killed by a bullet from the police,” he said.

“They were in a party during which they fought among themselves and that fight resulted into the killing of one person. Immediately, the police came in; during the separation they (niggas) went on rampage and attacked the police. The police responded and one of them was killed.”

According to Chiangjiek, the so called niggas have been frequently fighting amongst themselves in different parts of Juba.

He added that the police have arrested 14 people in connection with the fight adding they would be taken to the court for trials.

“These niggas have become a source of insecurity in the city. I just want the parents to tell their kids to de-associate themselves from them because the police will not leave them since they have become a source of insecurity,” he further warned.

He said that security personnel would be deployed along the streets to observe the order immediately.



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