The continued inter-communal killings in different parts of the country must be brought to a stop at whatever cost. Law and order must be put in place to curb the practice which is being carried out as if it was a normal routine. If it is the absence of the State governors, then those running the show should wake up and seek the deployment of competent security organs in their areas by the national government. The absence of the governors should not be touted as the reason(s) or true gospel of the inter-communal conflicts in parts of the nation which is also tainting the image of the country. These are some of the causes that are making some outside world to have a negative picture and portray this country as the unsafe in the eye of the international community. In the absence of the governor, the country’s high command has given mandate of running the states to Secretary Generals. The conflict areas seems to have been defeated or may have been compromised with the on-going situation in their own back-yard and cannot contain the warring communities within their reach. Those who cannot perform and bring order in their areas with belief that the appointment of the governors would change the scenario are wrong because the national government has given them the mandate to perform and not to wait for anyone to bring law and order. The Secretaries are public servants who must be in the forefront of spearheading the positive of the citizens including asking for the deployments of security forces that could bring peace and harmony among the different communities instead of killing one another. Let it be known to all that peace is the only solution and the only way that people should adopt to solve any differences among them. Not war not killing. Particularly, among the neighbouring communities who have lived together for ages.

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