Inter-communal fights displaced some people in Jonglei State

By Wek Atak Kacjang

Unknown number of people have been displaced due to the ongoing inter-communal fighting in Jonglei State, local authorities said.

Mabior Atem Mabior, Secretary General for the defunct Jonglei State told Juba Monitor that community was ravaged as inter-communal fighting continued to be experienced in the area.

“Violence is not good, it cannot stabilize the country, so this should not take us backwards instead let us move forward, we need development,” Mabior said

 He stated that thousands of people were fleeing because of the ongoing inter-communal clashes in Patiou of Jonglei State and it is the latest challenge to the efforts of peace building following the formation of the unity government.

However, Mabior did not disclose the number of people displaced by the communal violence but appealed to the South Sudan Red Cross to finalized assessment and report on the violence.

 “We are waiting for the report from South Sudan Red Cross because we believe more number of people were displaced to Panyagor now. So many of them run away from Patiou to Panyagor. We are very worried about the extreme level of violence that the victims have been subjected to,” he added.

He said majority of the displaced person has sought refuge in the bush and adjacent swamps, adding that Patiou village of Paker has completely been destroyed.

“This not the first time but we can say it is an isolated incident and also ongoing attacks on the greater Bor community which has been going for years and years,” Mabior said.

South Sudan has been experiencing a new cycles of inter-communal fights in most parts of the country including Lakes, Warrap States and the ongoing fighting in greater Jonglei State.

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