Inter-communal fighting continues in Pibor Administrative Area.

By Elia Joseph Loful   

The Pibor youth Secretary General for external affairs, David Nyiro said a parallel fighting hit Nanaam and other areas in Pibor Administrative Area yesterday.

Nyiro alleged the yesterday attack was carried out by their neighboring Lou Nuer Youth from Akobo.

 He called on the high level committee appointed by the President Kiir to immediately end inter-communal violence in Pibor Administrative Area as fighting continues.

The committee which is headed by Vice President Dr. James Wani Igga was tasked to bring a solution to the unabated fighting in Jonglei within 21 days. Inter-communal violence in Jonglei sparked out in February this year with continues revenge attacks mainly between Lou Nuer and Murle youth. Since then the fighting re-escalated in May and persisted to-date.

Nyiro said since the committee was given 21 days to resolve the issue but the effort was futile complaining that nothing was done so far.

“What we need from the committee is that the committee was given 21 days and the 21 days has now ended without any work done. There was no report done and there was no investigation carried out in the area.

The Secretary argued that they should hand over the responsibility to the presidency if they were not in position to address the case prevailing in the area.

 “My appeal is that if the committee headed by Vice President James Wani Igga, is not capable they should hand back the committee to the President so that he can reconstitute it again,”Nyiro complained.

He said the situation of the civil population was very dire and appealed to humanitarians’ agencies to go back and access the situation and provide lifesaving assistance to displaced people.

Late last month humanitarian agencies operating in the area withdrew their staff due to the ongoing fighting in the area.

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