Inter-communal attack leaves unspecified number dead in Pibor

By Kitab A Unango

A member of parliament from Pibor Administrative Area has accused youth from Jonglei for carrying out revenge attack in Gumuruk Payam leaving many people dead.

Jodi Jonglei claimed that the attackers were youth from Pangak and Bor armed who were armed with heavy weapons.

He said the fighting started on Thursday in Manyapol, an area bordering Bor and since yesterday (Sunday) it was still going on.

 “What is happening in Pibor is that armed youth from Bor and Pangak are attacking people in the area called Manyapol. The fighting is still continuing now. They started fighting four days back up to now the fighting is still on,” Jodi said.

He said authorities in Pibor could not determine exact number of the causalities due to poor network coverage in the Gumuruk Payam.

“The fighting is very heavy. We do not know how many people have lost their lives because of poor network in the area,” he added.

“I am would like to called on the national government to send forces to the area to stop the fight and protect vulnerable women, children and elderly,” Jodi said.

He appealed to the international organizations go to and conduct assessment and provide support to those who are affected by the clashes.

Last week authority in Pibor Administration Area raised an alarmed and said armed youth from Jonglei were planning to attack the area but Jonglei State came gun blazing to dismiss the statement.   

When contacted on the going attacking in Paibor Mabior Atem, Jonglei State Secretary General declined to comment on the matter due to what he called as heavy rainfall at the time.

“It is raining here, so I cannot comment unless the rain stops,” Atem said.

Inter-communal fighting have become so rampant in most parts of the country since the beginning of April. Last month over 150 people were reported killed during alleged attack by Lou Nuer in Pibor.

Many others lost their lives in periodic inter-communal attacks in Lakes State and other parts of the country.

Members of civil society and international organizations have attributed the escalated revenge attacks over the past months to lack of establishment of states government.

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