Odongo Odoyo

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With Odongo Odoyo

All my friends and readers, yesterday in this column l promised you that l would wake up very early to go and witness the one thing that we have been waiting for far this long. It came to being and those who did not have the chance to attend really missed something. The scenario at the Freedom Hall was only compared to that first celebrations of the Independence Day. It was impossible to categories the mammoth crowd on tribal line. Jubilation and traditional dancing caught the air. It was really a one people a one nation.  It was joy to the entire population and the country. It brought back the unified memories of the past that it was possible to chat a new cause and walk, talk and do all possible together. My humble expectation was in the process being made into reality. I wanted this scenario to continue being real. I wanted to believe that this should not come to an end and should not be a dream in my mind because l was there and saw with my own eyes the joy and the togetherness which had evaded the scene for a long time. I had given some simple advice to our honourable yesterday. I had requested them to be mindful of the grassroots and be in the forefront in helping the public initiate development programs in the constituents. I had told them that after the swearing in or taking oath of office, they should not be seen to be city or town lovers who wish to turn hotels and restaurants into their permanent homes. I had told them that charity begins at home and they should not let the appointing authorities down by doing the opposite of what was required of them.  If they were hawk eyed, they did understand what the people wanted and expected from them with the dancing and pumping with happiness. They should not make mistake and must understand that the journey had just started. They have to work and convince the general public that they were the best choices for the appointing authorities. The MPs were appointed from different political parties to the agreement. They must demonstrated that they are worth being elected to the house when that time comes. This they can do by being leaders of the people who are solidly supporting the appointing bodies to provide service to the general public. Let them not wait for the  judgment day to come where they would be required to account for each and every second they spent in that house where legislative is the guiding factor as one of the three arms of the government. We live in a transparent world where whatever we do will stand for or against us. That sign of togetherness at the Freedom Hall should remain a landmarked foundation for now and the future generation. This can be done and the joy and happiness of being a one people, one Nation met with zeal. 

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