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Intellectual peace conference concluded in Rumbek

By Mabor Riak Magok

The intellectual pre-dialogue conference to restore peace and stability in Rup, Pakam and Kuei communities of Western Lakes State has concluded in Rumbek capital.

The peace conference was organized by the state Peace Committee in collaboration with Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) and supported by SAFERWORLD.

Speaking during the opening remarks, the Coordinator of the state Peace Committee also referred to as the Central Peace Committee, Deng Mathiang Deng urged the intellectuals from the three communities to remain neutral and non-supportive to the ongoing unrest in the community.

“We are organizing this important intellectual’s pre-dialogue forum to search for peace and reconciliation in our community by joining hands together to work for peace and stability in Western Lakes State,” Deng said.

Deng hailed CEPO for always supporting peace initiatives in Western Lakes State and appealed to Gelwong armed youth to cease from revenge killing, road ambushes and killing of innocent people, cattle raiding and night robbery.

Meanwhile, the Coordinator of CEPO, Isaac Majier Majok expressed deep dissatisfaction over the government’s lack of seriousness to implement a number of resolutions signed in the community peace dialogue.

“We are getting pain and not happy at all. We are seeing lack of seriousness by the state government to implement resolutions passed and signed by the community chiefs,” he said. “Our intellectuals and politicians have miserably failed on their duties and responsibilities to control their own people and  have also failed us too, as an organization to bring about peace and reconciliation in Western Lakes State,” Majok added.

The state coordinator further said CEPO will never give up the efforts to search for total peace and reconciliation among the community of Western Lakes State despite challenges of funding and a number of frustrations of continuous violence and the lack of implementation of resolutions signed by the communities.

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