Institutions told to educate public on land policy

Partners and government officials posed for group photo after the workshop

By Yiep Joseph

The Minister of Land, Housing and Urban Development urged land institutions in the country to educate the general public on Land Policy.

During the closing of the three days’ workshops on the review and development of the National Land Policy in South Sudan yesterday, Michael ChiengjiekMinister of Land, Housing and Urban Development urged all the state’s land institutions to educate the public on land policy.

“I hope after this workshop, now as a representative of the states and also our representative you need to go down and inform people that this land policy has nothing to do with land grabbing because people perceive that land policy is something that was made by some individuals just to grab land”

The Minister added that most of the people in the country are not aware of land policy and the land Act.

“Our people are not aware, they do not ready full text of the constitution, they just end up “land belongs to the community” but they do not ready the second paragraph “regulated by the government”, you need to read the full text” he expressed.

Chienjiek added that the laws are made for future generations and there is a need for the institutions to make proper awareness.

He cautioned all the communities to shun giving land to investors without the consent of the government citing that the land is regulated by the government as the constitution said.

“If they are investors who wanted to invest, they should first come to the government community chiefs can’t just deal with investors direct”

He stated that the land policy would guide the state on how to deal with investors, how to generate income, and also help on how to handle conflict in your states and the local government.

Meanwhile, Louis KwotAkolithUndersecretary in the Ministry of Land Housing and Urban Development said that the stakeholders endorsed the land policy and call for immediate validation.

“The stakeholders endorsed the resolution of the technical and planning workshop for the review and development of the drafted National Land Policy in South Sudan held in Juba in 3rd March 2022 and validation process set to continue,” Kwot said.

He stated that the workshop has resolved to arrange for the next workshop in states and administrative areas to create awareness in various among the communities in states and the three administrative areas

The three days event that started on 1st of March and ended on 3rd brought all Stakeholders from the Ministry of Land, Housing and Urban Development, Land Commissions, Representative of the Ministry of Land and Public Utilities from the ten states and three Administrative areas, Civil Society groups, NGOs and academia. the event was organized by the Ministry of Land, Housing and Urban Development with Support from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD)  

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