Journalism is writing what somebody else does not want written, anything else close to this is PR. No, journalists are not working for anybody but are rather serving the general public. The fact that they are misused and unappreciated by the same public that they are serving is awkward. Let us not reflect on the already past misfortunes that have befallen individual journalists on their lines of duty. Many Press Conferences that do the citizens, and particular institutions that call for them, a favor may not do the same for the journalists. The speakers come at their preferred time, some postpone these meetings to next days and forever -mindless of the harm being done to the journalist(s) who has cancelled other more important newsworthy events to cover prominent figures. These events are good and informational especially to the public and this gives them value because the citizens get to know what is being done and by who but: It is visible that media is being trampled on nevertheless, with this peculiar move of boycotting big people meetings, how many more of them then shall have absence of the only professionals to cover them? It is absurd but a sad truth that journalists are underrated and ignored yet still being counted on for news, updates, publications and events coverage. The public should get back to the basics of appreciating media, not clapping hands, wiping their wet foreheads but should not disrespect and misuse them to attend non-developmental occasions in the name of coverage. After the spotlight is acquired, the work is not done and the same vicious cycle of no service delivery to the vulnerable citizens of the country is derived. Journalists are professionals and therefore, should be valued, respected and appreciated for their great service that they do.

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