Inspired by Sheeba:new diva shares her story

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Inspired by Ugandan Queen Sheeba, Queen Dela who started music last year is ready to work hard and rock the music waves of South Sudan.

With three songs recorded in her names, Queen Dela is lover gal whose songs basically focus on building love, trust and confidence amongst other lovers.

Though Sheeba is doing dancehall music, queen Dela’s talent is rooted in RnB genre of music and with much determination she is ready to do whatever it takes.

“Queen Sheeba is my inspiration, she worked hard, has been so aggressive and right now millions of fans love her music and this is what drives me day and night, I want to be better than Sheeba in years to come and ready to lift the country’s flag highest”, said Queen Dela.

Even without a music promoter or a record label to manage her music, Queen with her hard earned cash has managed to record three songs and revealed that more songs are in the store.

“I watched Sheeba rise from nothing to something and when she shares her stories it shows hard work, consistent and all these qualities defines me,” Dela said.

Dela also revealed that music was running in blood vessels and she only waiting for the right time to start recording her songs and she never regrets taking the journey.

If love is a crime is a song that brought Queen Dela to the music limelight, other songs include True love, malakia and Boss wange (my boss)

Queen Dela belongs to a music crew called Nation together with two male artists.

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