A foot for thought

Insecurity must stop in the states

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

According to the information published yesterday in the newspaper said that communities in Tonji, Warrap and Unity states have been fighting, it result to many peoplekilled and others wounded. These communal fighting has taken long time and innocent people died in this fighting.

Government should stop this violent and give strong warning to those groups of people not to allow them continue with the same practice.

Insecurity is not allowed by this time, people need to sustain peace in the country.  Those cattle raiders in the states should be inform about the violence they are doing. If there is peace let it reflect in the lives of people in all parts of the country. It shouldn’t be peace in Juba and states have no peace. It would look like the peace is for specific group of people, which is wrong.

However, severalfightingmade destruction in the areas, people could not develop and cannot continue living in violence throughout. We are supposed to learn from the past, what had happened in this country from 2013 and 2016 was great lost. Taking forces into those areas to stop that fighting people using guns against one another is not a solution. Peopleshould establish dialogue within communities. I know some government leaders went to some of those areas, to talk with groups on the ground, requested them to be in peace but still fighting continue.

They should not give up;instead look for mechanism that could stop fighting. Every year number of people is reducethrough ethnic fighting. Leaders in those states have been changed with hope that they will maintain peace in the states.

Conflict gives bad history to the people. We need to learn from the disadvantages of fighting seriously. If this fighting is not stopping, it will take us to square one which nobody wants it to happen.

For this fighting to stop, let government form investigative committee to carry out research why fighting continue in those areas,to identified who are those behind it and to come up with findings as part of solutions.

May God bless us all.

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