Insecurity in Yei hinders health service

By: Kitab A Unango

Insecurity in Yei River state is preventing health workers from providing services to the people in the area, said State Minister of Health.

Christina Annite Philip blamed the forces loyal to National Salvation Front (NAS) of Thomas Cirilo for the cause of insecurity in Yei River State.

Despite being signatory to the 2018 Cessation of Hostility Agreement, NAS has been accused on several occasions by the government of violating the pack.

Annite told Juba Monitor in an interview that apart from poor road networks and lack of medical personnel, insecurity has been the major factors hindering health services in the State.

“The health situation in Yei is not so bad but only sometimes we find challenges in terms of accessibility of taking drugs to greater counties like Lainya, Kajokeji and  Morobo,’ she said.

 “The issue of insecurity sometimes makes movement a problem though we have the medicines in the store at the headquarters in Yei River State and now to supply medicines in various locations becomes a problem,” She added.

According to the Minster, there are 13 Counties in Yei River state including Kajokeji, Lainya and Morobo and those health facilities had been vandalized during the 2016 war.

Annite said there was need to renovate those devastated health Centers and equip them with medical personnel to deliver services to the people.

“We have health facilities in some of the counties but are devastated during the conflict of 2016 up to 2017. So we found that some of the health facilities are not in good conditions, some are vandalized and they need renovation and construction,” she stated.

“This is very crucial area, in Yei River State, The health facilities have few human resources, and most of people remain in Juba so we found that it is not really easy. Some of the health facilities like the primary health care have suspended night shift due to lack of enough man power,” Annite pointed out.

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