Insecurity halts water transport along Bor-Fangak

By: Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

At least 15 boats carrying goods and 210 passengers en-route to Fangak and Unity State are stranded in Bor over security concern.  

Earlier this month, fighting erupted between Jonglei and Eastern Lakes States youth over the ownership of Chuei-acuet fishing Island, and one person was reportedly killed and several others injured.

Chuei-acuet Fishing Island is being disputed by communities of Ador in Eastern Lakes and Twic East people of Jonglei States.

Elijah Thongbor Abraham, Boats’ Union Secretary in Bor said there was no way for the people to connect to their destinations given the last fighting.

“Since the fighting erupted in Cuetakuet, we prevented boats from reaching Bor. We have boats here stranded in Bor with the goods and there is no way they can go to the destination,” he said.

Mr. Abraham stated that the passengers stranded were those set from Juba to areas of Bentiu and Fangak respectively.

Abraham revealed that the normal business at Bor port was completely down since there have been no work for the last two weeks.

“It was since the incidence occurred; we stopped boats not to go anywhere since the tension was high. It has now taken two weeks. It is bad for people who are stranded here,” he said.

Nyatony Kong, one of the passengers who has been in Bor for almost two weeks over security concern said she was stuck in Bor with other family members on their way to Unity State. 

“I have twelve days at the river side here. And this is because of the fighting that occurred in Cueta-acuet area on the way to Unity State. So there is no way people could go since the tension is still high as per the information we are hearing,” she narrated.  

“We don’t have any accurate information about what is going on, whether the river transport will open soon or not. We are just at the river side stranded,” she added.

She said that they were being faced with the challenges of food and lack of accommodation at the River side in Bor.

She appealed to the national government to summon the two governors of Jonglei and Eastern Lakes to explain why there was still tension that blocks the passengers from passing to their destinations.

“I am urging the government to open for us the way so that we can go to our destinations. We don’t have home anywhere apart from there. And if we are to return back then what are we are going to eat?” she asked.

Gai Tek, who works at Adok port in Bentiu, said that their living condition was horrible in Bor since they did not have home in the area.

“This problem got us here in Bor and because of this we are just helpless in Bor. Only that we are waiting from the government on how they can help us,” he said.

“There is no benefit from the fighting. We are 210 people. It is terrible. We don’t have food and there is no food,”

He stated that the children were suffering from the cold weather.

“There is too much coldness for children. There is a need for a government to intervene,” he said.    

The stranded boats in Bor are carrying mixed goods and commodities for business. It consists of bags of rice, maize flour, cooking oil and clothes.

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