Insecurity affecting businesses

Rose Keji Benjamin

Businesses in the country are being affected by the ongoing conflict in the country that has led to inaccessibility of key roads for movement of goods and services, Dut Dut the Acting Undersecretary Chambers of Commerce said.

He said peace is the gate way for all the roads to be opened for free movement of people and goods for businesses to boom.

Dut called for peace to prevail in the country because without peace, doing business will be a problem and the economy would eventually collapse.

Dut told Juba Monitor yesterday that the conflict has affected every plan in the country in terms of economic development.

“We should change the habit of hurting one another such that peace will come to all the former 10 states,” Dut said.

He urged the government to dialogue for peace in the country because people are tired of war.

In a related development, National Peace Center appealed to the people of South Sudan to advocate for peace since the Transitional Period of the Agreement on Resolution of Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan (ARCSS) will be revitalized for its full implementation.

Alfred Towongo Nicholas of the peace center told Juba Monitor that everyone should advocate for peace and be accountable for the sake of peace in the country.

“We need a transparent and democratic nation that can implement what the people of this country requires but without transparency it means we will end up complicating ourselves by not achieving our goal which is a peaceful South Sudan,” he said.

He also calls on the NGOs operating in the country to advocate for peace in the country since people are yearning for it.


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