Inmates strike after death of colleague in Yei

By Hassan Arun Cosmas-Yei.

Inmates at Yei prison on Monday carried out a massive strike after the death of a colleague due to injuries sustained from drubbing by some prison wardens.

Speaking to the media on Wednesday, Brig. Sabino Dominic Tobo Chief Inspector of police Yei River County explained that late Bida Robert John aged 20 Years was sentenced to two Years imprisonment after impregnating a lady.

He added that the later escaped from the prison before completion of his sentence made the prison wardens authority to look for him in order to be apprehended.

Sabino mentioned that the late was later re-arrested by the prison warden’s authority on Monday and died in the evening at 7:00 pm in the prison.

Dominic clarified that four prison officers were arrested after the incident and are in police custody for being alleged for assaulting the late.

“A civilian called Bida Robert John is a boda-boda ridder aged 20 Years who had an engagement and impregnated a lady and a case was opened against him.

 …he was sentenced for two Years imprisonment and to pay some charges, he paid the charges of eighty-five thousand south Sudanese pounds and was to serve the sentence for two Years but he escaped from the prison on the 16th July 2021 before completing his sentence, the prison authority had informed the public that if such a person is seen should be reported to them,  on Monday 24th Jan 2022 the prison authority received a report that the late was around and they went to apprehend him and brought him back to the prison, “explained the Chief Inspector of police.

Brig. Sabino revealed that the other inmates grow angry because of the death of their colleague and immediately organized a strike and broke all the prison offices and the gate of the prison.

Meanwhile, Dr. Joseph Malish Yei County hospital Medical Director confirmed that the medical examination indicated signs of physical assault on the body of the late.

He believed that the massive injuries affected internal organs that led to the death of the late.

“After our examination, we found that there were signs of physical assault on the body and a robe tied on the elbows of the late. The major injures measures eight to ten centimeters deep which is a sign that indicates a massive my technical view, I may say it could be the cause of death but the final justification may require an autopsy, “explained the medical director.

Dr. Joseph advised the law implementing agency to avoid a physical assault on people who committed crimes but the law to take its cost to avoid such damages.

It is the first-time inmates at Yei prison to carry out a strike that caught the attention of the public.

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