Inflation decreases as commodities gain value

By Bida Elly David

Consumers yesterday said that the inconsistent market imbalance through price rise in the commodity market that affected their ability to meet their basic necessities has finally balanced

This came during an interview with consumers regarding the latest market update on commodity prices in Kubri-Haboba and Juba Markets

Last year, the National and state chambers of commerce held a series of evaluative meetings with foreign and domestic traders aimed to bring the market into an equilibrium level by decreasing the price of food and non-food items in order to meet the standard of living for some destitute final consumers.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, consumers in the Kubri-Haboba market said they were happy due to the decline in the inconsistent skyrocketing of commodities in the market, especially food items which were the basic necessity that human beings could not do without.

Zeinab Mohammed ahead of an extended family said that she has been encountering a continuous financial deficit from her disposable income since it could not meet all the basic necessities due to the high rate of inflation.

She stressed out that her daily expenses to the family used to exceed the amount of disposable income she received monthly.

Zeinab cheerfully underscored that she was excited for having seen the sudden changes in the market where prices of essential goods dropped to at least improve the lives of those in poverty.

‘’Last year, I have encountered a number of financial deficits since my disposable income could not meet the demand of my family. I am running an extended family since I lost my family. Earlier, my expenses used to exceed my disposable income I used to get monthly but for the past two weeks, I have realized changes in the market’’ Zeinab said

However, Aligo Bosco a shop attendant in Juba Market said that the purchases they used to buy in the whole sale showed no profit reflection due to inelasticity of the market but with the arrival of trucks that were impounded at the Ugandan boarder and the efforts made by the chamber of commerce, prices have come down.

‘’We used to buy goods expensively from our wholesalers and sell them expensively to the final consumers but with the arrival of the trucks and the efforts invested by the chamber of commerce, we are able to put smiles on the faces of the final consumers. Aligo said

Furthermore, Aligo underscored that 50Kg of maize flour that used to be sold at 13,000SSP has dropped down to 10,000SSP , A bag of beans also dropped from 18’000SSP to 14,000SSP based on the quality and other factors remain constant.

The consumers urged appreciated the Workers’ Trade Union, Chamber of Commerce as well as the Government for having played the role and urged them to continue monitoring the market for the benefit of the consumers in the Country

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