Individualism should not be condoned

By Ngor Khot Garang

The problem with us and the reasons why we are still behind is one thing that if we don’t let it go, will continue to push us further and further behind whether we like or loath it.

It should not be denied that everyone wants his or her things done first; the emphasis is on greed, which means having lion shares while others get baboon shares.

This country, I mean South Sudan is bigger than an individual or a group of individuals. The country comes first and the people follow but the society where individuals’ interests are prioritized at the expense of national interests is bound to join the walls of shame.

For a country to go in line with what the world and its people need, the people at the apex and the civil population are tasked to practice servant leadership that enriches the lives of the citizens, leading to improved infrastructure and ultimately job creation.

South Sudan is a Christian-dominated country but tragically, the life lived by most of us does not reflect who we claim to be.

The development of this country does not need someone who removes one brick with one hand and use the other one for building, that won’t work and it has never worked before.

All the great nations in the world were built by men and women whose sole reason for doing so was for the betterment of others and not necessarily for them or their families.

It’s high time we call a spade, a spade and not a big spoon.

Millions of people are suffering now and there is a class of people that they expect to bail them out of their desperate situation.

Therefore, if you live in an air conditioned house, eat three meals a day, your bank account is fat, your children are in school and a flat screen television is on your wall, you ought to enjoy.

However, when I do not want to sound scornful, it’s my plea to you that you take a walk one day around some Juba suburbs or streets, you will see thousands of sad-faced families, some of which are victims of the war that has robbed many of their husbands, wives and children.

Those that we pass by the roadside are the ones that are much pained by the absence of peace and I would request you in your prayers, don’t pray for your family alone, and include the street children, disabled and widows in your prayers.


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