Indians celebrate 150th Mahatma Gandhi Anniversary

By Wek Atak Kacjang

The Indian Community in Juba has on Wednesday celebrated the 150th birth anniversary for Indian great man Mahatma Gandhi whose message for peace and non-violence reached all over the world.

Speaking during the celebration, Indian ambassador to South Sudan, S.D Moorthy said Gandhi-an Indian political civil rights leader played an important role in India’s struggle for independence.

“Gandhi’s messages are still relevant to the world however some countries are still in turmoil and difficulties against his preaching,” he said.

“An eye for an eye is still making the world blind. Let us embrace fellow human beings as equal and resolve our differences with dialogue for a better world for the sake of our next generation who are in need of peace and security,”  Moorthy added.

He added that propagation of Gandhi’s message of peace and non-violence among the youth of South Sudan was undertaken by visiting 15 schools starting from Juba, Bor, Malakal and Ruweng by the Indian Embassy in Juba.

Moorthy said the embassy donated pamphlets containing Gandhi’s messages, books for school libraries, writing materials, sports items and portrait of Gandhi to all the schools.

Meanwhile Dr. Manaseh Lomole Waya, the Chairperson of Relief and Rehabilitation Commission, said Mahatma Gandhi’s spirit has been reborn in almost every Indian that he has met.

“For me I pick strong administration for Mahatma Gandhi during my school day because Gandhi is the founder of humanity and non-violent movements,” Waya said.

“Indian communities have seen unique spirit that influences people, influence particular children to look far from what Ambassador Moorthy has done in Juba,” he added.

Moses Monday John, the Executive Director for Organization for Non-violence and Development said Mahatma Gandhi is extraordinary and fascinating leader who led India’s non-violence struggle for independent from the British and his stories inspires many individuals and group across the globe.

“Gandhi’s non-violence strategies and tactics have influenced my thinking of peace-building approaches and passion for just and peaceful world,” Monday said.

He added that the Organization Non-violent and Development has trained thousands of individuals and civic groups in South Sudan.

The beneficiaries not only learned non-violence principle and tactics but also took actions to resist and transform violence and build peace, Monday added.

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