Indian peacekeepers support locals in Upper Nile state

Indian peacekeepers based in Malakal and Serving with United Nations Mission in South Sudan provided essential Veterinary assistance and COVID-19 healthcare assistance in the form of COVID stores & Veterinary stores to local communities notwithstanding the threat posed by the coronavirus pandemic to maintain the good health of thousands of human & livestock population in Melut County.

COVID-19 Stores and Veterinary Medicine stores were handed over to Mr Noul Ajak, Excecutive Director Melut County, Upper Nile State. “Though no reported case of COVID infections have yet been recorded in Melut County, yet the community is always in fear of contacting the same due to move of returnees from neighboring Sudan is of particular concern. In such scenario provision of COVID stores in the form of Masks, Sanitisers and gloves and print material etc. by Indian peacekeepers will help to minimise the spread of infection and will act as great moral booster for local community, said Mr Noul Ajak.

“Due to extensive rains and water stagnation in area hundreds of animals are falling sick, the veterinary assistance provided by Indian peacekeepers at Melut will help to control the livestock outbreaks in County”, said Aguek Awan, Veterinary Technical staff of HQ Melut County.

Lt Col Gagandeep Singh, Veterinary Det Cdr, Indian Battallion and Mr Kueth Met, RRP officer of Malakal Field office also apprised the County administration about plans of Construction of Veterinary Clinic and Training of Community Animal Health Workers at Melut in near future under Quick Impact Project, which will immensely benefit the Livestock population of County Holding Animal population of nearly 0.2 Million. Various queries of local administration regarding COVID-19 diagnosis and its transmission from animals to human and vice versa were also addressed.

Colonel Sachin Shrivastava, deputy commander of the Indian contingent at Malakal, said that Indian peacekeepers have been contributing to the welfare of local populace in the form of Veterinary treatment camps, Community Animal Health Workers training, Control of Animal disease outbreaks, imparting vocational skills, computer training and Corona awareness training. When whole world is fighting Corona globally, we assure the local community that we stand by them in hour of adversity.

Led by the state’s COVID-19 task force and guided by the expertise of the World Health Organization, UNMISS works together with key stakeholders across the country to prevent the Coronavirus from spreading further and to mitigate the far-reaching effects of the pandemic in the world’s youngest nation.

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