Indian Embassy donates to disabled Union

By Wek Atak Kacjang

Indian Embassy to South Sudan led by Ambassador S. D Moorthy has donated food and non-food items to the center for Union of physical disabilities to help vulnerable persons as well as members of their families against the spread of the COVUD-19 pandemic.

These will also help, especially those who could not afford put food on their tables for themselves during the lockdown of COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking to Juba Monitor during the food and non-food items distribution at the center for Union of Physical disabilities at Mobil roundabout yesterday, the Secretary General for Union of Physical Disabilities, James Ochan said the donation has come in a right time because the union need a lot of support within this period of COVID-19 pandemic.

“We will now be able to share this donation with some individual who cannot afford to buy food for themselves in the market,” Ochan said.

He thanked the Indian Embassy for generosity and appeal for their continuous sympathy to keep supporting especially the disables persons and if there are an opportunities of scholarship for member in the union.

The representative from the Indian Embassy   Gati Krushna Mishra promised the Embassy will continue to support the vulnerable peoples who cannot afford in combating the viral coronavirus in the country.

He said this donation would keep the elderly, men and women staying at home, hence preventing the spread of virus.

“We want to ensure that vulnerable peoples who are susceptible to the COVID-19 to have what they can eat and stay homes so to protect themselves from contracting the disease. There is need to support people who don’t have capabilities for buying food in the markets,” Krushna said.

He added that the Embassy has implemented and supported many projects in the country including supporting school activities as well as providing help to vulnerable people with disabilities.

 “All these the Indian Embassy doing in South Sudan is that the India government would like to be part of the development in South Sudan. We do these to our brothers and sisters in order to fight the pandemic together as well as we are one,” Krushna said.

Margret Kiden, 35 years old commended the support from the embassy by saying the food will have great impact on his family during COVID-19 pandemic.

“I thank team from embassy for donated this gift to us. This donation helps me and children at this critical moment that people do not have money for buying food in the markets. Let them continue to help us because we are poor. She added that let the Embassy support us more with other opportunities such education and vocations so that we could be able to have skills,” said Kiden.

However, Alfred Joseph Lemi one of the beneficiary, added that his children are now going to eat but he urge the Embassy to do more in supporting vulnerable people.

“We do not know when coronavirus will finish, so let the embassy and the government bring more supports. This food will take us two weeks approximately,” said Lemi.

The food and non-food items distributed includes maize floor, beans and cooking oil, mosquito nets and soaps as well as facemasks.

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