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By Bullen Bala Alexander

The Vice President Dr. James Wani Igga, said his team is doing everything necessary in order to reform the country’s economic sector.

Dr. Igga made the statement after a group from the cluster that he leads; Finance Minister and Minister of Trade and Industry briefed President Salva Kiir on Tuesday.

He said his team went to present the plans and reforms so far made by the economic cluster.

“We came to brief President Kiir on our effort in reforming the county’s economic sector and these reforms, we put them in recommendations and he has seen, appreciated and encouraged the cluster to implement the reforms so that the country is reformed from the corrupt practices,” Dr. Igga stated.

According to Dr. Igga, the cluster has recommended a lot of reforms which is yet to be implemented, adding that most of those changes would be implemented by his cluster and the rest would be completed by the President.

He revealed that the reforms centered on oil revenue, non-oil revenue collectors and other related economic subdivisions in the country.

“If we implement all the recommended reforms made by the economic cluster, then our country will realize massive changes in the economic sector,” Dr. Igga added.

Dr. Igga also encouraged all the Ministerial economic clusters to make necessary reforms in their Ministries and urges them to be exemplary to other Ministerial clusters.

Dr. Igga stressed that improving the economic clusters would improve and boost revenue collection in the country especially in the areas of non-oil revenue.

However, he reiterated government commitment in implementing the Revitalised Peace Agreement in the country.

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