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Indian Embassy conducted online courses for government officials

The Indian Embassy has organized an online course on Environmental Impact Assessment for 2 weeks (19-30 April 2021) at the Embassy premises. The officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Petroleum and Ministry of Environment and Forest, numbering 11 have attended the course conducted from New Delhi. Earlier these types of capacity building training courses were conducted in India and South Sudan officials were sent to attend such courses. Due to the pandemic, the Embassy could not send South Sudan officials, hence the courses are being attended online by the officials. The officials attended the course thanked the Embassy for organizing a very useful course which would be highly beneficial in their field of work. Indian Ambassador Moorthy thanked the officials for attending the online course for 2 weeks and urged the officials to spread the news of Indian Embassy conducting such important online courses in the Embassy itself and the details of the courses are regularly being conveyed to relevant main ministries and line ministries. The officials attended the course will be issued a certificate shortly.

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