Indian Ambassador inaugurates Ganesh printing Company new branch

By Wek Atak Kacjang

A new branch of Indian based printing company known as “Ganesh Printing Company” has been inaugurated by Ambassador S D Moorthy in Juba yesterday.

The company, located in Munuki suburb of Juba, will help reduce scarcity and improve printing of textbooks, newspapers, magazines and banners.

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony yesterday, Amb. Moorthy, said the company will improve service delivery and provide employment opportunities to people of South Sudan.

Amb. Moorthy called on the company’s management to avail services and jobs to young people of this country,

“I request Ganesh to bring more quality industry to people of South and I request all free agencies to support Indian companies especially Ganesh printers to work by creating more employment opportunities to South Sudanese,” Amb. Moorthy said.

He added “I am very proud of the new machine and I feel very honored to the new branch and I urge Ganesh Manager to try hard to bring more development to this country.”

Anna Nimiriano, Juba Monitor’s Editor-in Chief commended the management of the company saying her Newspaper has history in business with Ganesh Printing Company.

“One day I hope the government of South Sudan will have a machine like this because in development we cannot depend all on foreigners. We need to build this country for ourselves this is not the beginning for the Ganesh or India.”

She added that the work of ambassador to south Sudan is to build capacity of South Sudanese so that they will come and develop this country.

Chief Executive Officer for Trueline Africa, Peter Awongo said the services that Ganesh do is to benefit for all South Sudanese because it was his wishes that they could have a small printer in Yei, instead we came here.

“I have witnessed now and seen the capacity of the machine in terms of printing and I am sure that you have the capacity to print texts books,” he said.


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