India to setup Seeds Processing center in South Sudan

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The Greater Rubkona county youth in Juba have called for the compensation of the losses incurred following the recent oil spill at Budang county of Rubkona in North Liech state.

Last week, residents raised alarm over a crude oil leakage from a ruptured pipeline in Northern Liech state

The linkage was reported at Roriak payam of Budang County.

Speaking to Juba Monitor last week, Koang Kuany Bol, youth leader of Greater Rubkona County said that at least over 50 animals died during the oil spill.

“We have incurred losses of more than 50 animals, crops and some of the fish. Oil wastes have been moved by the water to the residential areas. And now the residents are being affected by pollution,” he explained.

The youth leader stressed that there was no need for citizens to suffer without being catered for.

Bol revealed that for years, the populations in the area have never been benefiting from the oil sector.

“Our stand at the moment is that we want the companies to compensate the citizens of the area including the environment polluted. We need to make an agreement on the service delivery to the locals,” he said

He further reiterated that “There have no reward, development and social responsibility that oil companies had aided to the population there.

“Especially schools, hospitals and employment of the youth. They don’t make the supervision in the areas (oil fileld). They just stay at the same place without knowing what is going on there,” Bol stated.

Bol wanted the national government to take necessary measures and concrete responsibilities to compensate the population who are affected and help the population there.

He said that the youth condemned the recent spill in the areas and called on the reformation in order to spill not to occur again.

“The ruptured of oil’s pipeline spilled in the area of two kilometers  squares has affected every living thing in the areas including grass, forest, vegetable and fruits. The swamps area has flooded and took the oil to the water points and the rivers tributaries, where animals and the local are drinking,” he said

“We want to graze our cattle freely and land for cultivation. It is not a curse for the people to suffer and die always because of the oil,” Bol concluded.

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