India at UN pushes for peace in conflict-hit S. Sudan

Press Release

India has raised concern over rising violence in conflict-hit states. On South Sudan, it shows sign of hope by implementing the Revitalized Peace Agreement. India has also supported the efforts seeking to establish a clear benchmarking process to assess the arms embargo. India joined high-level discussion on situation of human rights in Syria. It expressed concern over increasing terrorism in conflict-hit country due to external actors. India said that 11,000 ISIL terrorists are present in Syria. India also raised concerns over threat of chemical weapons in Syria. It has provided US$ 1 million to the OPCW Trust Fund for activities relating to the destruction of chemical stockpiles in Syria. India has consistently underlined the need for an impartial and objective investigation into any alleged use of chemical weapons. India called on the Council to remain cognizant of the dangers of weapons of mass destruction falling into the hands of terrorist groups. The UNGA unanimously adopted Indian sponsored resolution on `International Year of Millets 2023’. The Resolution was co-sponsored by 70+ countries including Nepal, Russia and Bangladesh. It will help promote nutritional & ecological benefits of millets as a key component of food basket. India seeks to raise awareness about the health benefits of the grain and their suitability for cultivation under changing climatic conditions.

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