Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Odongo Odoyo

Sometime we are afraid of facing the reality in whichever form it may be. Right now we are in the middle of political confusion. The confusion emerged right from people and institutions which were entrusted to bring the everlasting peace in the country. Time and again l have taken my pen and notebook to question the seriousness of the peace partners and their roles to the signatories of the peace process. Their activities are organized mostly in the name of workshops and seminars in big hotels. It is good that the signatories to the peace agreements have been following the happening with the hope that the situation would be arrested before going out of hand but, alas, it  was not to be, the door bust open with the government and main opposition clearing pointing fingers at the shoddy services provided by the peace monitor  institutions. A number of issues which were in the list for discussions for final take have remained so with little coming from the peace monitors. Time has been which should be of essence seems to have been wasted in meeting and piling up reports that do not mean anything to the common-man. What the latter needs right now is peace and peace alone not by any other name. Not stockpiles of reports that are only well-known to the authors. For both the government and the main signatory to break the york is not just a coincident but what they have been observing for a long time now and which had to come to an end hopefully with still room to revisit the deadlock. I am afraid that we must stand up and tell those creating confusion that their intention should not be pegged against the interests of the larger population. We need to stand up and support the course and intention of the leadership of this country that would want to see peace in every corner of the country. Peace first as other political agendas are being articulation within the political ranks as they do that the citizens should be busy engaged in other national economic developments. Can this be achieved, yes it can with the trust and commitments to the country’s well-being. The country’s political leaders have all the reasons and purposes to articulate these noble move for the country to remain solidly together and move forward  together for a better future. In mind we cannot forget that there are many players who do not want good for the country and who should be discarded by and in all standard because their vested interests is to see that brothers do not work together and sisters the same. This journey of seeking for peace has come a long way and good people with good intention must work towards its success without politicizing every bit that come on the way which could be very expensive like an expensive joke that is cracked at the wrong time and at the wrong place. Like a colleague was joking with us and asked by should the UN fly their flags higher in the name of patrolling the streets of Juba.

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