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Increment of water prices is alarming

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

There is unnecessary increment of water prices per a drum in the residential areas. Currently, in Kator a drum of water is SSP450, in Gudele is SSP 600, these are only examples of two areas, apart from other areas in Juba. It started this January, I don’t know what will happen in the coming months with inflation of dollars rate in the markets. Every year there are new prices per a drum of water within Juba City.

Last year one drum of water in Kator residential area was SSP 400, it was not a price decided by the authorities of City Council in all areas in Juba. They tried their best to control the prices around Juba but it failed. That means prices of water are determined by the owners of water tanks.

All the prices of water in all areas within Juba City were proposed by City Council authorities last year but it was not working. However, citizens are the victims in all these increments because they are the ones facing the challenges. The reasons why water tankers are not following the orders of the City Council authorities are unknown.

If you ask why they increased the water prices per drum, the answer is economic crisis. They are following other traders in the markets who are increasing items according to the rate of dollars. They have power to increase price of any item as they like.  Government has failed to control market prices including water prices.

If traders complaints were because of exporting items from the neighboring countries which needs dollars, what about water which is within the country. Addition to that there was a special consideration made to water tankers to buy fuel with reasonable price, still they increase water prices.

They are supposed to listen to the orders of government authorities according to the laws of the country. Otherwise there is weakness in authorities for not controlling prices. 

City Council should take decision, or the business of water is to be left to South Sudanese. Since water is one of the most important need in the life of human beings. Those areas near the river are not supposed to buy water with high prices like Kator, Gabat and others. This year we need to improve many things in the country, one of them is the issue of water prices in the residential areas. Therefore, let us work hard to bring the economic crisis down.

May God bless us all.

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