Increase efforts to confront armed robberies

By Omuno Mogga Otto

These days the minds of many people in different residential areas within the city of Juba is being flooded with many questions about why the rate of crimes at night by armed robbers is increasing instead of declining.  Their minds are being engulfed preoccupied with questions of insecurity related to or caused by armed robbers within the city during night.

Battling crimes in the sort of armed robberies should be put as a matter of urgency. It should be a priority to protect the lives and property of all citizens in the country. Many people in Juba are not very happy with shocking stories of armed robbery at night in people’s houses. The citizens in some parts of: New Site, Lologu, Munuki, Nyakuron, Gudule, Kator, Rock City and other residential areas are not happy with the increasing cases of crimes by armed robbers at night.

A couple of days ago some armed robbers came with a Toyota Land Cruiser to Kator area. They looted about two houses. They had threatened the occupants of the house and asked for money by force. One of the residents who were looted was actually a local trader in one of the markets in the city. On their way after they had stolen the money, the robbers were confronted by operation forces working at night and asked them where they came from. The robbers quickly responded that they are military personnel. And when they were asked why they were moving late at night, they became frozen.

These armed robbers were immediately detained together with their vehicle.  The money and the property that they looted from people were found in the car which belongs to the robbers. Armed robberies are still continuing in and around Juba and now innocent civilians are living in fear. Many of them have put the subject of protecting their life and their properties in the hand of God.

The public want more engagement and participation of the organized forces to contribute in combating the persistent cases of armed robberies within the city, especially at night. The people in Juba are tired of many stories of crimes at night. They want extra effort to combat crimes at night so that the fear of insecurity due to armed robbery should not exist anymore. The Ministry of Interior and the other management in the Security Sector,which includes the national security, have so far done a great job by monitoring the security situation at night, but much effort need to be put in order to confront crimes at night by armed robbers in Juba

The Heads of all organized forces should develop and increase much effort to tackle and reduce the crimes of armed robbery at night. More organized forces should be deployed to make proper and comprehensive night patrolling in the streets of residential areas so that the citizens will sleep free without fear. The government should be serious to deal with uncertaintyrelated with crimes by armed robbers within the city at night. If we want equality we should work for equality with unity. If we want to improve the security in the city, we should work for it with one heart and wisdom regardless of who we are and where we belong culturally and ethnically.


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