All will agree that peace is knocking at the door and needs only someone to open it for the lasting solution to come and stay with us. People can disagree on positive opinions but end up to disagree to agree. This is the only civilized way of doing things not taking guns and bullets as the solution to that disagreement. Those who went to the bush to wage war against their own brothers using guns to snatch power from the sitting authority, have realized that what they were out to do was a futile exercise which was only meant to destruct what little had been achieved for the good of all reasoning minds. They have realized this and some have decided to abandon the use of gun and seek power through peaceful solution. This is how it should be. The vote in whichever way should decide who the next leader of the country not guns. Indication that over 120 rebels had surrendered to the authority in Wau and the other 580 in Magwi country is a clear sign that those who ran to fight in the bush were tired and had decided to seek peace for the future of this country. Those coming back home from the bush to join in the peace process should remain honest and focused to the future good of this country and agree to disagree on principles. It should not be personal or chest-thumping because the children and parents of this country have never known or experienced peaceful atmosphere. It is our duty and responsibility to give them these all-inclusive. A number of eminent personalities both local and international are championing this cause which includes the initiative by President Kiir for National Dialogue which has attracted the attention of all except few who are still skeptical. Those few should come forward and join the country on the way forward to lasting peace. There is no shortcut but inclusive participation.


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