Inclusive dialogue will bring peace and unity

By Omuno Mogga Otto

The National Dialogue for Equatoria region will conclude by the end of this month. The National Dialogue secretariat will later organize one big conference, which will include all delegates from the entire three greater regions in the country.

Conferences for Bahr el Ghazal and Upper Nile regions, which were previously done, recommended federal system of governance.

In the opening of the dialogue for Equatoria, I appreciated the statement made by Nartiso Loluke, a former Governor of Imotong State now known as Torit State. He urged for inclusivity of the dialogue.  Bravo Nartiso.

South Sudan has suffered from political negligence by our leaders who are supposed to work and serve the country in the atmosphere of peace to support development. Conflict will block development.

The healing process in the country will take time. It needs collective efforts from civil societies, academicians and political figures in the country. It will require more selfless political commitment.

More dialogue in the country may still be necessary in the near future. It will strengthen our unity. Government should seek the best option that will keep peace and unity in the country. Our people wanted to live in peace and political stability like the rest of their neighbors living in the East African bloc.  An ever lasting peace can easily exist in the country if the ruling party makes political and diplomatic efforts by engaging in a roundtable dialogue with the opposition figures who refused to sign last year’s agreement. The political parties in the country, especially the ruling party should work hard to unite the people in the country by seeking for more dialogue with those who are still holding guns. Some people can easily talk about peace. But sometimes what they say is different from what they do. When we talk about peace we should first think about forgiving one another. Forgiveness opens a new chapter, a chapter which destroys the culture of hatred. To forgive is better than to live in luxurious life when your brothers, sisters, uncles are suffering to put food on table.  Forgiveness is a precious gift needed to restore confidence among our leaders. It does not need money or Gold. It only needs a heart of respecting one another as one people in one nation.

I know it is not easy to build a culture of peace and trust in one day or even in one year after five years of political war in the country. But with trust and working together as sons and daughters of South Sudan, we can make our country more peaceful in the near future.

Our leaders should understand that peace starts from home. We should engage in more dialogue to restore the trust amongst ourselves.


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