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With Odongo Odoyo

The e-money or cashless revolution caught me in a nap in the middle of anapnea and within the unfamiliar surrounding grounds. In December last year, l had taken off for both annual leave and medical attention as directed by my doctor who thought that Yaba had to have some rest after a year’s long desk work. Indeed my boss had the same idea but did not tell me until revealed to her what my medic had wanted. She readily agreed and made it possible to take my leave. Thanks. My encounter with the e-money transaction reality started immediately l landed at the airport and wanted the simple service of a cab to take me home. The cabs were not taking any liquid cash but one had to have money operating the phone which is commonly used in the name of m-pesa. I did not have it except for my m-Gurush system. The e-money system became a thorn in business transactions. It had taken the centre stage in all my moves from the cab, superstores, malls, hospitals, water suppliers paying any bill was done with nothing other than a money transfer system. No hard cash was used anywhere and l was so flabbergasted when left with no option to use the hard cash l had on me. I have heard that sooner than later there will be no need for one carrying hard cash. This reality came to me down like hailstones. I realized that l was still leaving in the past generation. So much had changed that one only needed to access any services from his or her sitting room and have anything delivered in a split second. Yes, e-money had taken over the use of hard cash. The world was changing and one had to accept the change as l did when left with my hard cash which could not help me. To beat the odds, l had to borrow a local line and register m-pesa services. I did not want to go through the same treatment anywhere anymore. I want to remain relevant in this world of growing new technologies. I want to be part of the changing revolution to keep abreast of the current. It does not matter to me anymore if an old dog cannot or can be taught new tricks. All important is that l want to sail through and be relevant. Not otherwise. To all my professional colleagues and all other friends read the sign of time and remain relevant in all situations as it should be. “May l take this very first opportunity on my desk after returning from leave to thank you all for keeping this column alive and for standing with me during my operation and the sudden demise of my firstborn Grace AwitiOdongo who passed on suddenly late last Month in the Lakeside City of Kisumu in Kenya” It is heartening to know how friends value one another at such trying moment. Indeed as this space may not allow me to mention you all, those who stood with the Odongo family will always remain treasured and cherished in our hearts forever. May God bless you all. Amen”.       

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