The announcement by the Minister of Public  Service and  Human Resource Development, Bangasi Bakosoro that he will pressurize his Finance docket counterpart to releases civil servants’ salaries would have been a welcome move if only any of his previous pronouncement had been acted upon. The minister is known to be forthright and open to public but in the past he has made public announcement which have not been acted on, that includes the same salaries and the ghost workers among others. It is not to doubt his ability to act. Announcement and pronouncement by cabinet is considered a collective responsibility under the chairmanship of the head of state. When it is made public it should be seen to carry that weight and not individual position. This is the picture the minister is portraying in the public domain that he is going to do it sole. Pressurizing a fellow cabinet means there is no consultation and or collaboration. Any information to a fellow colleague should be channeled properly to the public to minimize the doubt that may occur and to avoid seeing the cabinet as working in isolation without consultation among them. With due respect, this does not augur well for effective public service delivery. The high offices should uphold the right to collective responsibilities that is required of them while articulating matters that are of national interests which do not go well with the general public. It is true that civil servants have gone without pay for sometimes now but any action being taken should be understood among key players and the public be informed when all is ready instead of giving pending hopes that will only instill injuries to those expecting reprieve from the government. This is like coating or window dressing a national issue single handedly without consultation. Let collective responsibility take the centre stage in all public service delivery without leaving doubt in the minds of the public.

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