In despairing times, we need hope

By Ngor Khot Garang

It is no wonder, life presents despairing moments for many and we wonder why things always turns against us. It is now weeping in the evening. In the morning, it was death of a loved one last night. It is a widow or a street child struggling to get by. It could be a young man who has lost all the strength and at the brink of committing suicide. It is pain and suffering everywhere. Life and death happen before us daily and the world tighten the ropes as if we have done something wrong to deserve this. We can’t understand and we can’t truly tell what is really happening. Is it life or something different from what is actually life? Suffering and going with hope that it would be better in days to come and when that day comes, it would be the day we are buried and it bites. Why? We asked, but no answer and nothing make sense.

But sometimes even when we are not sure if we would live or not, there is need to believe and it is what we must cling unto that one day it will shine. And though doing this hurts, it still doesn’t matter what is going on in our lives, hope can let us look toward a new dawn even when the future looks bleak and the road ahead seems uphill. Even before the birth of most religions, hope has performed many wonders and people who managed to write history according to most of the recorded biographies weren’t favored by luck or anything like that, it was hope and it would do the same for us if we stand tall and believe in ourselves. Hope gives us the courage to face challenges without ever thinking of giving up and the ability to believe that in spite of the burdens of life, the story will change for the better no matter how long it would take. Sometimes, we can’t even figure out why we are on this cage called earth and there are some other times we forget that we are truly living.

Morning comes and we wonder if evening would really come. During the day we struggle and give our very best to prove life wrong but thing remain as they were yesterday. When we go to bed to have some rest after tedious day, we become afraid because many have done so never to wake up again. We live in constant fear of tomorrow because the signals are not clear. Nobody knows what tomorrow have in store for us. Oftentimes we ask ourselves questions that we can’t find answers to.

Questions about whether we would live to become what we were made to be, questions about our financial problems, health or whether we would live long enough to see the better days that we have always been talking about since when we were young.

However, many things stripe us of our hope and we are completely not at ease; our nights are sleepless, drained of rest and our tears never stop flowing. Families need our support and we don’t know how to help them out.  Kids want to go to school and our monthly salary cannot afford household needs. We bear life’s whips and tears just roll down on our cheeks.

When we visit God’s waiting room to plead for a change and healing in our hopeless situation nothing worked either ways. It is a mess in the journey of life and we feel like giving up is the only resort but our minds keeps telling us it is not the end and we must climb the mountain.  And when we start, we then get pushed down and even lose the strength to move on. We long for solutions but don’t know where to go.

In crowds we have this mixture of guilty conscience and inferiority complex.  We absolutely feel like outcasts because the society does not want to mix with people of little or no education, more so those who are poor. We feel nobody loves us and we have this negative thought that life will never change even when we know that there is no condition, which is permanent.

The world becomes dark and dreary to many of us.  We watch opportunities passing us by and witness the untimely death of our loved ones. We calculate the costs of what it would take to achieve our desired goals and then get frustrated because we may not meet the requirements.

Life begins to lose its meaning and suicidal thoughts invade our minds because we see nothing good ahead of us. Even when we can’t see what lays ahead of us good or bad, we convince ourselves that we are done for. We go as far as calling God to cut our life short after many wasted years of unanswered prayers.

Time and again, we see where we want to be but we can’t get there.  Why does this happen? It is because we don’t embrace hope.  It is simply because we don’t accept that challenges are part of human growth and they have happened to so many people who went on to make their world a better place, when we have nothing to eat, when the world is against us, when the family and friends abandon us and we have hope.  I don’t know much but I can assure you that we can be guaranteed a long time life of success. It does not cost you anything not even a single penny to be hopeful.  Hope is all that we need in our dire situation. Don’t let the hope die; do not let the faith vanish. You are still strong and living like the rest and that single truth about your existence means a lot more.  It shows that something that could be a turning point in your life is about to happen and you have to wait patiently. Whatever you want, you will get it. All your problems will disappear and all would be fine in the near future if you would cling onto hope.

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