IN DEFENSE, Of Makana, Country’s Integrity

By: Opio Jackson

The former Advisor to the Ministry of Interior General Khamis Abdallatif Chawul has strongly criticized the intension to remove the Speaker Anthony Lino Makana from the chair by some parliamentary caucus. The move was in bad taste and put to test the integrity of the country.

Gen. Khamis said the three arms of the government, the executive, the legislative and the judiciary should not be a predominant of one particular tribe considering that other tribes equally existed and are living in the country.

The three arms should zealously be protected to give the national image a country that is represented by national outlook of all tribes. 

“I am from Dinka tribe. The President of the Republic and the Chief Justice are from one tribe. Now there are people grouping against Makana to bring in another man from the same tribe to replace him,” Gen. Khamis said adding that this was unfortunate occurrences which should not be accepted or tolerated in a democratic set up and at a time when the country was yearning and geared for peace, “It is like some people are working against the President and want to portray an image of tribalism.”

A group of members of parliament from SPLM Caucus at the Transitional National Legislative Assembly (TNLA) earlier gave speaker Makana 72 hours to resign or face impeachment.

They claimed that there are 19 counts including corruption committed by Speaker Makana which they said could lead to impeachment.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday in an exclusive interview, Gen. Khamis came out to defend Anthony Lino Makana.

“Speaker Makana is a person of unity and peace, he is the supporter and loyalist of President Salva Kiir Mayardit. He is now being targeted by the oppositions and people who are against peace,” he said.

Gen. Khamis said there were people who wanted South Sudanese to always remain divided, saying since his appointment as speaker, Makana had been working for peace in the assembly and South Sudan at large.

He dismissed the alleged corruption accusations against Makana by some lawmakers as unfounded and created for self-motives, adding that people who are talking against Makana were the most corrupt in the country.

“We have records of corruption about everyone whether in the assembly or anywhere even those who are talking against Lino Makana. Soon we are going to announce to the public,” he asserted. 

He said those who are conspiring for the removal of Makana, were those who wanted to tarnish the image of President Salva Kiir.

“People who are doing these are the same who created problems in 2013 and 2016. They are the same people now working against this peace that is being implemented,” he said.

He said it was time for all South Sudanese to work together for peace and unity, describing Anthony Lino Makana as a nationalist and a sincere SPLM member.

“I want Anthony Lino Makana to continue as the Speaker of the national assembly to keep unity among the South Sudanese. If there is anybody who wants him to be removed that person is against peace and President Salva Kiir Mayardit,” Gen Khamis said.

Speaker Anthony Lino Makana comes from Equatoria region and many Equatorians believe that the appointment of Makana had the representation in the three arms of the government which was in itself fair to the common goal and the country. (See PG.14)

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