Improve your life

By: Akol Arop Akol

We live in a world that doesn’t give us all we need. Sometimes, we loss the little we have or get what we want after a long struggle with pain.

Why do we wake up every day and move up and down? People are going and others are coming, and the roads are busy; what are they really looking for? It is something that everyone knows. While walking on the road, you will not stop someone to ask him why he is sweating under hot sun. Of course they are searching for one thing or another to improve their lives.

A human being has many needs that cannot all be missed or met. You could get little today and more tomorrow but if you miss everything you want, life would not be perfect.

Life is never the same to everyone in this world. Depending on where one lives, people around ‘the positive or negative,’ the types of resources available and the services are considered to have impact on one’s living.

The inadequate resources, economic crisis and the lack of opportunities such as jobs make life miserable to some individuals, especially the vulnerable group of people.

Sometimes you, as an individual could be physically fit and have papers yet your life still has financial instability. You may be strong and have educational qualification yet you cannot get a job.

Instead of you helping the needy, you are the one begging and being helped. That is so wired and a disgrace at the age of 30s to be jobless and broke.

But you cannot be blamed because the environment alone is not conducive. One cannot feel secure, be creative and productive because of conflict-induced trauma and lack of opportunities to utilize their abilities.

You were taken to school such that you acquire knowledge and practical skills that you would apply for changing your life.

It is not easy to rise from Zero to the prosperous destination in life; it requires you to have a vision, mission, and objective.  When life still favors you, don’t wake up and sit idle. A new day is given for you to fulfill the mission that you were sent for in the World.

You are not just here in the world to live as a loser, don’t lose faith and ambitions, you are not here as an escorter, you were born to win.

You can win any competition and influence people’s hearts to respect you and love your deeds. This makes your existence meaningful and fruitful.

In order to make your life better you need to improve your ways of thinking and decision making, ways of interacting with people, the way you feel and behave towards others, etc.

After you are mentally and emotionally stable, you will thereafter be physically and financially stabilized. Making life better requires you to work hard to get rid of impoverishment.

You need to have inner personal peace, to socialize with people of different looks and backgrounds. Never be doubting or belittling yourself, you can make life better.

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