A foot for thought

Importance of formal communication

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Formal communication is very important for any official issue. In any institution there is a responsible person for official communication. If you want to communicate, you should know to whom you are delivering information. Communicating to wrong person, you would get wrong information or your problems will not be resolved.

In journalism, you need to get information from the right sources, if you get from any person who is not entitled to deliveryou; it will cause problems to that story or will put management incritical condition. Sometimes people call any staff of an institution and start talking to the person without knowing that the information given is official or not.

Official communication also helps in taking decision. You cannot talk to a person who is not entitled to make right decision, especially when you know who is supposed to be communicated to.  By doing this, it would put management in problems. I wrote this story because I have seen there are many things going wrong due to lack of poor communication or an appropriate communication.

On 25th of this month, there was a story removed from Juba Monitor newspaper, many people called me to explain why the space in the newspaper was blank. Others called the staff of Juba Monitor and asked them what was wrong with the blank space. If you want to get accurate information, you should ask me as Editor in Chief of the paper and legal person to give you the right information. That is why my number is in the newspaper for official communication.

Ignoring me and communicating with one of the staff, will not resolve the matter.Today, I have taken the initiative of writing this piece of advice because I have noticed that people are not taking the right administrative channel in official issues. However, let us learn to communicate with the right people in order to get right information. Otherwise, we cannot improve in our daily work.

May God bless us all.

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